Acknowledgments + Citing This Work

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Kang, Kristy H. A. (2013). The Seoul of Los Angeles: Contested identities and transnationalism in immigrant space [PhD dissertation]. University of Southern California. http://digitallibrary.usc.edu/cdm/ref/collection/p15799coll3/id/292817


This project is dedicated to my parents, Sung Hee Kang and Won J. Kang.

In addition I would like to thank the following people whose immeasurable guidance and support made this project possible:

My committee: David E. James, Marsha Kinder and Akira Mizuta Lippit.

My colleagues at the Labyrinth Project who planted the seed for the project: Rosemary Comella with whom this journey started and Scott Mahoy who first discovered the 2004 cover article in the LA Weekly on Koreatown.

Esteemed faculty at USC who lent their time and support: Steve Anderson, Kathy Smith, Holly Willis, Tara Mc Pherson, Priya Jaikumar, Anne Balsamo, Scott Fisher, Mark Harris, Andreas Kratky, Anikó Imre, and François Bar.

The invaluable support of the East Asian Library and Korean Heritage Library especially Dr. Kenneth Klein, Joy Hyon Kim, and Sun-Yoon Kim Lee.

The Korean Studies Institute’s Elaine Kim and Dr. David Kang.

The interviewees and contributors who so generously offered their time to participate in this project:

Martha Arévalo, Executive Director, CARECEN
Larry Aubry
Marcia Choo
Philip (Flip) Cuddy and Susan Ahn Cuddy
Yonah Hong
David K. Hyun
Than Hyun
Hyepin Im
Dr. David Kang
Bong Hwan Kim
Do Kim
Gene Kim
Joy Hyon Kim
Richard Khim
Dr. Kenneth Klein
Hi-Duk Lee
Hee-sook Lee
Emile Mack
Yong Soon Min
Jang Woo Karl Nam (KIWA)
Angela Oh
James Ryu
Kyungmi Shin and Todd Gray
Majib Siddiquee, Excutive Director, Little Bangladesh Improvements, Inc.
Cooke Sunoo
Dr. Eui-Young Yu

Very special thanks to my programmer Juan Camilo Gonzalez who is an amazing collaborator and artist.

Special thanks to Katherine Yungmee Kim, Pyong Yong Min, Grant Chang (General Manager, the Korea Times) and Lily Yunshin Kim (former staff writer at the Korea Times), Mar Elepaño, and Elizabeth Ramsey.

Thanks to Eugene Yi, Helie Lee, Chase Kim at the Korea Times, Dai-Sil Kim Gibson, Craig Dietrich, Erik Loyer, and Willy Paredes.

And thanks to all my cohorts from Media Arts and Practice, especially Veronica Paredes.

Lastly, this project is a tribute in special memory of Anne Friedberg whose vision inspired the collaborative efforts that created the Media Arts and Practice program at USC’s School of Cinematic Arts.